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The company was organized in July 2005. Though we are still very young as a company, our team includes specialists with decades of industry knowledge, who were the originators of the TATNEFT Technical Diagnostics Center ZNOK & PPD, set up in 2000 and well known in the industry. From 2000 to 2008 our specialists have inspected:

  • different-purpose pipelines: more than 2,000 km
  • pressure vessels: 5,000
  • vertical stainless steel tanks: 70

We have developed new methods and technologies for diagnostics of pipeline systems:

Standard Procedure for Technical Diagnostics of TATNEFT Buried Oilfield Gathering Lines to Determine their True Condition and Potential for Future Use (Guidance Document No. 153-39.0-314-03). The procedure was developed with direct participation of the Directorate for Technological and Ecological Supervision of Rostechnadzor (the Russian Technical Supervisory Authority) and agreed upon with the Federal Mining and Industrial Supervision of Russia.

Pipeline blockage detection system for plastic reinforced steel pipes (2003)

Field experience has shown that the efficiency of the standard procedure for technical diagnostics of oilfield gathering lines was lower than it was hoped, so for the purposes of industrial safety inspection a more reliable tool had to be used. And we have found this tool. EDS LTD added an innovative technology to its product portfolio–magnetometer method of pipeline inspection.

In 2005, we started first research efforts, and by now, we have developed the related equipment and a Temporary Procedure for Technical Diagnostics of Field Gathering Lines made of Ferromagnetic Materials. In 2007, the Procedure was agreed upon with the Directorate for Technological and Ecological Supervision of the Rostechnadzor Tatarstan Department.

In February 2007, the method for detection of defects in pipelines made of ferromagnetic materials was patented.

From 2005 till present, we have inspected more than 1,000 km of pipelines using the magnetometer survey method.

We are a licensed company and have at our possession a certified laboratory.

Our experience has provided us with an insight into oil-and-gas sector, so we can offer a range of high-performance solutions to our customers in the following areas:

  • technical diagnostics and nondestructive testing,
  • anticorrosive protection of field equipment,
  • novel technologies and equipment for production processes, R&D.

In our work we use state-of-the-art technologies and tools with the highest level of automation and computerization. We exert every effort to do our work quickly with no compromise in quality and safety and at an attractive price.

We know that the main ingredient of success of any company is people and without professionals progress is impossible. Our specialists have undergone ad hoc training and have Russian, German, and the UK certificates.

We are operating in Russia and in neighboring countries. In 2007, Ak Tat Testing Joint Venture was set up in Kazakhstan, and in the same year we started a joint project with TengizsChevronOil on overhaul of gas refinery.

We will be happy to share our skills and experience to solve your problems.

Marat Sabirzyanov
Chief Executive Officer
Talgat Sabirzyanov
Chief Financial Officer
Rustem Mukhametshin
Head of laboratory of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics