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Pipeline blockage detection system “PipeEchoSeeker”

"PipeEchoSeeker" mobile pipeline blockage detection system is used to detect blockages and obstructions in the formation pressure maintenance system lines. Obstructions and blockages in a pipeline may occur because of failure of protective lining in plastic-reinforced steel pipes, stuck debris, etc.

In certain cases the system may also be used to locate wax and scale in gathering lines.

To locate blockages and obstructions, 20 Bar pressure has to be created in a pipeline with nipple joints installed at its end sections, so, the detection system can only be used in operating pipelines.

The system effectively works in pipelines with the pipe section area obstructed by more than 30%. Duration of detection does not exceed one operating shift.

Technical specifications of ANOMALY-M pipeline blockage detection system

Detection range for water lines

Anomaly detection accuracy

Ambient temperature (°C)

until 20 km.

±5 m.

 -10°C - +35°C

Examples of detected anomalies

Гофр, вызвавший 30% перекрытие проходного сечения
Полное перекрытие проходного сечения